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Equipment is available upon contacting a CCR Investigator for training and availability.

The IonOptix imaging system offers a fast real-time, turnkey system for recording myocyte calcium and contractility, with simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry and digital cell geometry measurements.

Contact: Dr. Matsui

The Maestro Pro multiwell microelectrode array (MEA) allows for non-invasive evaluation of cells in an easy-to-use in vitro assay. Whether monitoring the intricate, electrical activity of excitable cells (e.g. neurons and cardiomyocytes), or tracking the growth and death of cancer cells, Maestro Pro allows researchers to investigate the functionality of cells in a multiwell plate.

Contact: Dr. Zhang

Typhoon™ 9410 Variable Mode Imager unites proven storage phosphor autoradiography technology with four-color, non-radioactive fluorescent labeling techniques. For DNA, RNA, and protein samples, choose from: storage phosphor autoradiography, direct blue-excited fluorescence (457, 488 nm), direct green-excited fluorescence (532 nm), direct red-excited fluorescence (633 nm), and chemiluminescence.

Contact: Dr. Shohet

Langendorff: The CCR has two independent Langendorff systems.

Contact: Dr. Matsui or Dr. Shohet

Beckman Avanti-JE floor centrifuge with 500ml and 50ml fixed angle rotors, as well as a swinging bucket rotor with various adapters.
Contact: Dr. Shohet

Floor incubated shaker.  A large incubated shaker is available that can hold large (1-2L) flasks.
Contact: Dr. Shohet

-150 degree C freezer for storage.
Contact: Dr. Stokes

Video teleconferencing in the CCR conference room.
Contact: Dr. Shohet


Contact: Dr. Boisvert

National Instruments Semiconducter Parametric Analyzer with LabView 2010 Software.
Contact: Dr. Shohet

Atomic Force Microscope
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